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Skap The Appraiser

Mark Skapinetz

As our tag line says “ Appraising Life, One House At A Time,” Skap The Appraiser is dedicated to adding value, positivity and information to everyone. Using real life experiences, knowledge obtained and other various resources, Skap The Appraiser will strive to help others grow and become more informed. The podcast will cover various topics including but not limited to life, real estate appraising, valuation, growth and personal change while also having fun, in the hope that I can help others in their personal and professional journey. Mark Skapinetz is a Certified Residential Appraiser in Atlanta GA that has recently taken the steps to transform his life and business into a more positive one. With the love of his wife Hope, family and his beloved rescue dog Destiny, he continues to work hard to add more value and positivity into his life. Besides spending time with his wife, his passions include spending time & taking his beloved dog Destiny to compete in dock diving competitions, playing softball, writing his blog, working out and exploring nature.